An Artistic Undertaking

1/7/2016 I hear the crunch, crunch, crunch of the rocky trail beneath my feet. I am about 17 miles into a 20+mile day, 1185 miles into a 2600+mile hike, it is hot, I am tired, all I want to do is NOT climb the next hill, and yet, this is when it hits me. Sure, there have been many times on the trail already where I have thought "I should paint this spot" or "wouldn't this make a magnificent pencil drawing," but it was on the 3rd of July, about ten miles before hitting the town of Sierra City that I had the sudden realization that I not only want to paint this spot, or create a single magnificent pencil drawing, but I want to paint countless spots, draw scenes and people, capture birds and flowers with brush and pencil. I want to bring this narrow path I currently call home to life through art, and bring it together into one beautiful piece of art. I want to create an artistic journey of the Pacific Crest Trail. Over the next year or years, I will take the thousands of photographs and millions of memories and transform them into a book of "Etch's Sketches." During this process I will keep this blog to share my progress, to delve into my artistic process like never before, and let's face it, to keep myself motivated along the way. I welcome you to join me as I revisit the PCT piece by piece.

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