Elizabeth Mordensky Fine Art Print Shop

Welcome to the Print Shop, where you can find prints of my contemporary wildlife paintings and realistic landscape paintings. You can choose from a large variety of print styles and sizes to customize the perfect piece for your home. All Elizabeth Mordensky Fine Art prints are printed through the respected print on demand company, Fine Art America. Prints are shipped straight to your door anywhere in the world!


Print Styles and Recommendations

Choosing from so many options can be overwhelming, so I thought I would share a little bit of insight on what to consider when choosing a print style. 

The first thing to consider is what is the space where you are wanting to hang this print. This will determine the size. In general people tend to purchase art that is too small for the space that they want to fill, just because they didn't really consider how big that space is- pull out a measuring tape if you are unsure! If you are looking to fill a short wall in a hall or between door frames, one or a few small prints might work, but if you are wanting something for over a fireplace, couch, or bed, I recommend going large- at least 36" wide, to make sure it fills the space. 

What style/material should you have your print produced on? This depends on personal preference, but here are my recommondations:

For a print of any of the finger paintings I recommend getting a canvas print wrapped on the 1.5" stretcher bars with a glossy finish. This will make your print appear as close as possible to the original painting. You can go frame-less with these, or you can add a simple frame around the edges- both look great! The paintings with the white backgrounds all have white edges, so choosing white edges would be a good choice for these. 

If you are wanting to give one of these more contemporary pieces a neat modern spin, you could also get an acrylic or metal print, which will have a sleek shiny surface. Metal and Acrylic Prints do not require a frame, making them ultra modern. 

For the finely detailed landscape paintings (mostly found in the Pacific Crest Trail collection) I recommend getting a fine art print on Archival Mat Paper, as this will show off the details well. You also have the option of having your print framed, so you don't have to worry about framing it once it arrives. 

You can also do these in the Metal or Acrylic styles, if you are looking for that cool modern edge. They look great in that medium as well! 


Shipping Information

Elizabeth Mordensky Fine Art prints ship all around the world through the printing company FineArtAmerica. They will ship from the nearest fulfillment center to you, one of the 14 spread around the world. The prints will be shipped via FedEx or UPS

Paper prints will be rolled in a shipping tube. Canvas, Metal, Acrylic and Wood Prints will be shipped flat. 

The prints will take 2-3 business days to be processed and printed before shipment. Once ready they will ship by whatever shipping speed you chose (For example, if you choose 1 day shipping, it will still take 2-3 business days to make and then it will ship quickly, meaning you should get the item in 3-4 business days after purchasing it)

Print Returns Policy


I want you to be completely satisfied with your print so I, of course, use a printing company that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, taking all the risk out of the equation!


 As long as you return your print within 30 days of the order date, you will receive a full refund. To process the return and get the refund you will need to go through FineArtAmerica.com, the printer used for on demand prints. You can find all the information you need HERE.

Please remember, that unless the return is for a defect in quality FineArtAmerica does not refund outgoing or return shipping.